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 [Slave]Money making Methods.

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PostSubject: [Slave]Money making Methods.    Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:42 am

Here are several methods of money making.

Method #1: Dust devils

  • 65 Slayer
  • Decent combat skills, I recommend you have at least 60 strength & 60 HP.

Also I suggest you bring few rocktail's, mantas, etc. if you have low defense.

Getting there.
Click your Magic tab & depending on what spell book you got click "Monsters Tele" which would be the first in any spell book.

Once you click it, go to slayer tower.

Go to the second floor of the tower via stairs.

Once your on the second floor, find the dust devils(opposite room of bloodvelds).

Only collect times like these since they are the most valuable(dragon platelegs[15m], dragon chainbody[20m] and ancient statuette[10m].


Method #2: Pking

Pking is a good way to make cash but you also have to risk in it. I suggest you don't risk too much if its your first time. Keep risking more & more as you go or just stake in duel matches.

Duel matches
This is how to works, you challenge someone and if they accept you can choose the rules you want. If you want you can stake items or money.

War/Edge pking/Mage bank

In ::war, edge or mage bank you risk all your items that you are wearing UNLESS you are not skulled. If you are skulled then you can not keep your 3 valuable items.


I got more methods of money making but at the moment I have to go, so I'll add after I come back.


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PostSubject: Re: [Slave]Money making Methods.    Thu Aug 18, 2011 10:56 am

Finally a dust devil guide with pictures and clear instructions. Next person that asks me how to make my money I am directing them here!
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[Slave]Money making Methods.
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