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 Hybrid Pro's logging in guide

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hybrid pro

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PostSubject: Hybrid Pro's logging in guide   Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:46 pm

Hi guys,

This is my guide on how to start and play the server. After you have everything downloaded, press run (after extracting) And it should have loaded up.

Step 1
After you've got everything up you should get a screen come up which looks like this

Step 2
Click on "existing user" as seen here ------->

Step 3
Type in your desired username. Because it's a private server many names are available.

Step 4
Then, after logging on with your desired username, a screen will come up. It will ask you to change the image of your character. ------->

Step 5
You'll be in the game! by pressing pure you will gain the stats of a mxed 60 attack pure!

Step 6
After that, you'll probabally want to train your defence or your attack to a higher level so you do this -

Press the magic book tab ------->" border="0" alt="" />

And then press "monster teleport" -------> (it's second in all spellbooks).

After pressing it, you'll end up here ------->

Press rock crabs and you'll end up coming here ------->

And thats were it begins!
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Hybrid Pro's logging in guide
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